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Brads Hat 250Our Bundanoon Men’s Shed is an advocate for the health and well-being of its members by providing a safe and happy environment where men can, in the company of other men, pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests, learn new skills, practise and pass on old skills, promote their own and other men’s health and well-being, and by their efforts, benefit their families, their friends, the Shed and their community.  


Before AMSA was formed, Men’s Sheds had developed often quite spontaneously in many different areas of Australia over a number of years.

The evolution of the Australian Men’s Shed Association can be attributed to key people and various groups of dedicated volunteers all of whom envisaged a national body that could bring together the Men’s Shed movement.

In 2005, there were an estimated 200 Men’s Sheds operating in Australia and today the AMSA has a membership base of over 930.

A major achievement for the Association was formal recognition by the Federal Government of the role that Men’s Shed play in addressing social isolation, health and well-being.

Its inclusion in the National Male Health Policy launched in 2010 lead to funding through the Federal Department of Health with a major proportion of this funding quarantined specifically for the direct financial assistance to Men’s Sheds.

The ‘behind the scenes’ work has been phenomenal and a comprehensive history of the Association can be accessed by viewing this pdf – AMSA Chronological History

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